Pralines have been Belgium’s emblematic chocolate bites for more than a century.
Pharmacist trained Jean Neuhaus had the brilliant idea of replacing medicines with fresh cream, thus creating the first filled chocolate. He names his invention the “praline”, which proves instantaneously successful.

The chocolate bite takes over the world, pleasing the most difficult taste buds.
The ballotin has become inseparable from the praline. Created by Jean Neuhaus’ wife, it was patented in 1915 although Neuhaus never exercised his right to be the sole user of the ballotin. The treasure box allows placing the pralines elegantly and delicately and transforms the chocolates bites into gems making up the jewel of the ideal world. Unfailing success.

For more than 100 years, the master confectioners who worked for legendary houses such as Neuhaus, Godiva, Corné Port-Royal, Leonidas, and – more recently – Galler constantly vie in creativity to offer new gustatory experiences in accordance with artisan tradition and using high-quality, premium ingredients.
Indeed, the recipes of most pralines available in these houses have remained unchanged since they were created, for the greatest joy of all!

The Belgian Chocolate House is proud to offer a world exclusive: the greatest chocolate brands worldwide under one same roof. The ghosts of praline inventor Jean Neuhaus and the many artisans who contributed to the renown of the chocolate delight inhabit these boutiques. Godiva, Corné Port-Royal, Leonidas, Galler, Pierre Marcolini.

The chocolate coat protects the many different fillings of the praline, capturing its essence in its crunchy heart.
Great classics include:
– Paliné: a mixture of crunchy and dark chocolate prepared with hazelnuts and almonds, which are then caramelised before being crushed more or less finely.
– Ganache: a smooth blend of chocolate and cream. A ganache can be made from chocolate or infused with a specific flavour (fruit, violets…)
– Gianduja: the fondant chocolate that melts in the mouth is a chocolate paste with finely chopped hazelnuts to which other nuts (almonds or walnuts) which have also been grated, as well as powder sugar and fat (cocoa butter, fresh butter or fresh cream).
– Delicate marzipan: a paste made from finely ground almonds and sugar.

Such specialities as the truffles, orangettes and other delicate associations with fruits and spices all testify of the know-how and expertise of the chocolatiers who perpetuate and constantly demonstrate their unique gastronomic tradition: the Belgian praline, for the greatest pleasure of gourmets.
The praline truly reflects the gastronomic developments of the 21thcentury: a constant search for natural and authentic products and tastes.