Neuhaus Duo Bonbon

Taste the summer with the new Neuhaus Duo Bonbon collection!

Neuhaus, inventor of the original Belgian chocolate, launches a new selection of five refreshing bonbons. With their playful appearance and delicious taste and texture, they will be everyone’s favourite this summer. Five cubes of happiness with a rich gianduja base, topped with an all-natural melange of white chocolate enriched with crunchy violets, fragrant mandarin and other delicate essences. These delicious cubes are available in a 10 piece box, perfect for “on the go” or in a 27 piece box for “sharing”.

Discover the 5 refreshing summer flavours at The Belgian Chocolate House

Warm pink, zesty green, vibrant orange … Nothing better to uplift the mood than a dash of natural colours. Allow yourself some precious me-time and treat yourself to one – or two – of these cheerful little marvels, carefully composed from first-rate ingredients by Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers. All of a sudden relaxation takes on a whole different flavour.

Choose your favourite bonbon among these 5 delicious flavours:

  • Bonbon Raspberry: Raspberry infused white chocolate & dark Gianduja with pecannuts
  • Bonbon Lime: Lime infused white chocolate with lime & dark Gianduja with feuilletine
  • Bonbon Mandarin: Mandarin infused white chocolate & milk Gianduja with sesame
  • Bonbon Lemon: Lemon infused white chocolate & milk Gianduja with orange
  • Bonbon Violet: Violet infused white chocolate & milk Gianduja

Available at The Belgian Chocolate House!

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