Sweet summer tastes

Since 1886, Jules Destrooper has throned at the head of Belgium’s biscuit universe. The secret of the brand’s success is simple: the artisan only uses the best ingredients and never resorts to artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. The uniquely crunchy and crumbly texture of Jules Destrooper’s famous biscuits and the best Belgian chocolate used in many recipes have contributed to the chocolatier’s worldwide renown.

This summer, discover the candied fruit biscuit range, available in orange or raspberry. These deliciously brittle biscuits are made with summer butter from Irish cows that peacefully graze in the luscious green fields as they watch the seasons go by. The soft, unctuous and sweet butter idyllically merges with orange peel and raspberry fruit paste. The irresistible treat will prove an original gift idea to all fruit lovers.

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