Perlège, the joys of chocolate without privation

The Belgian Chocolate House is thrilled to present its latest range: Perlège. Made for sugar-free diet chocolate lovers (including diabetics), all the chocolates are made using stevia, a plant boasting high sweetening power and that offers a perfect alternative to sugar… without the disadvantages. Years of research and development resulted in a high-quality recipe destined at the most demanding chocoholics who want more chocolate but fewer calories.

In addition to its 10 or 16 (dark or milk chocolate) pralines ballotins, the range includes a wide array of chocolate bars (dark, milk, gianduja dark, dark/orange, puffed rice/praline milk, milk ganache with cocoa beans), which are all perfect for a delicious snack. .Alternatively, taste one of the irresistibly original chocolates: salted hazelnuts/milk chocolate, cocoa beans/dark chocolate, cinnamon/milk chocolate, and orange/dark chocolate or go classic and enjoy a dark or milk chocolate.Perlège also has an assortmet of cookies.

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  1. Jo Moreton

    Good afternoon

    I am trying to get in touch with the manufacturer of Perlege, Do you have a contact email address please?

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