Cool down with one of our summer ice cream specials

Summer has finally arrived, so ice cream is the perfect treat for the next months! Thanks to The Belgian Chocolate House you will be able to enjoy a diversity of delicious chocolate, ice cream and fruit combinations all summer long. Refreshing and enjoyable for everyone and at every moment.

Neuhaus Handcrafted Ice Cream: inspired by the authentic Belgian Les Irrésistibles pralines

Ice cream treats made from delicious ice cream or fresh and fruity sorbet, according to the original recipe of Belgian Les Irrésistibles pralines and coated in crunchy, handcrafted nougat. The Neuhaus Handcrafted Ice Cream range can be procured from The Belgian Chocolate House Antwerp.

  • The ice cream version of the iconic Caprice praline: with Madagascan vanilla, artisanal nougatine and Belgian chocolate
  • Chocolate ice cream based on the iconic Désir praline: intense and pure, made with Peruvian cocoa, artisanal nougatine and Belgian chocolate
  • The iconic Séduction praline as an ice cream: refreshing and delicious, a combination of raspberry sorbet, artisanal nougatine and Belgian chocolate
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Maison Dandoy

Maison Dandoy: Delicious Belgian pride

The family story of Maison Dandoy

It was back in 1829 that great-great-great grandfather Jean-Baptiste opened the first Dandoy bakery in the heart of Brussels. One hundred and ninety years later, the Dandoy dynasty is an established favourite and still prospering. Jean-Baptiste taught the baking trade to his son, who passed it on to his daughter and her husband, and this precious craft has been passed on down through the generations ever since.

The importance of using fresh, natural ingredients

As a result of the strict rationing of flour stocks during the Second World War, Maison Dandoy was only able to make crunchy sweet rusks. These were turbulent times and it wasn’t always easy to keep going – and even after the war was over, it took another three years before Maison Dandoy was once again making all of the house specialities for which it was famous. Because only then were there ingredients available of a sufficiently good quality for the exacting standards of Maison Dandoy.  

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Neuhaus Duo Bonbon

Taste the summer with the new Neuhaus Duo Bonbon collection!

Neuhaus, inventor of the original Belgian chocolate, launches a new selection of five refreshing bonbons. With their playful appearance and delicious taste and texture, they will be everyone’s favourite this summer. Five cubes of happiness with a rich gianduja base, topped with an all-natural melange of white chocolate enriched with crunchy violets, fragrant mandarin and other delicate essences. These delicious cubes are available in a 10 piece box, perfect for “on the go” or in a 27 piece box for “sharing”.

Discover the 5 refreshing summer flavours at The Belgian Chocolate House

Warm pink, zesty green, vibrant orange … Nothing better to uplift the mood than a dash of natural colours. Allow yourself some precious me-time and treat yourself to one – or two – of these cheerful little marvels, carefully composed from first-rate ingredients by Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers. All of a sudden relaxation takes on a whole different flavour.

Choose your favourite bonbon among these 5 delicious flavours:

  • Bonbon Raspberry: Raspberry infused white chocolate & dark Gianduja with pecannuts
  • Bonbon Lime: Lime infused white chocolate with lime & dark Gianduja with feuilletine
  • Bonbon Mandarin: Mandarin infused white chocolate & milk Gianduja with sesame
  • Bonbon Lemon: Lemon infused white chocolate & milk Gianduja with orange
  • Bonbon Violet: Violet infused white chocolate & milk Gianduja

Available at The Belgian Chocolate House!

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Leonidas new summer collection

Celebrate beautiful days with Leonidas!

Leonidas new collection

As the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer, we want freshness and tangy flavours. That’s why Leonidas, the famous Belgian master chocolatier, has created a unique collection of pralines with fruity and refined flavours.

Leonidas presents its new limited edition spring/summer collection

Leonidas chocolates are beautifully packaged in their happy and summery coloured boxes (16 or 22 pralines), the new Leonidas creations will delight all gourmands. The collection consists of an assortment of 4 different pralines with flavours as original as they are delicious: while dark chocolate reveals a blackcurrant cream, milk chocolate hides a peach cream. As for the white chocolate, it contains a surprising mix of strawberry and rhubarb. The last praline is also worth a visit: it is a subtle pink grapefruit cream covered with a hull of marbled milk chocolate. 

Discover the Leonidas spring/summer collection in May at The Belgian Chocolate House.

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The Belgian Chocolate House-Mother's Day

Say ‘I love you’ this Mother’s Day with some fine chocolates!

Still looking for gift ideas for the upcoming Mother’s Day on May 12th? Spoil the special women in your life with some of the finest Belgian chocolates… From The Belgian Chocolate House of course! Our broad selection of the most delicious Belgian chocolates has something for everyone: the sweet milk chocolate lovers, the more intense dark chocolate enthusiasts, the creamy white chocolate amateurs… And even those who prefer delicious biscuits over tasty chocolates will find their happiness with us: our mouthwatering collections will make all moms happy this Mother’s Day!

Looking for a little something extra special? Then this selection might give you some great ideas.

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The Belgian Chocolate House- chocolate facts

7 things you didn’t know about chocolate

Discover 7 interesting facts about chocolate that might surprise you!

White chocolate is not really chocolate

Yes, we’ve all been lied to. In order to be classified as real chocolate, a product has to contain cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. White “chocolate” contains cocoa butter instead.

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The Belgian Chocolate House-Easter

Easter is coming – get ready for the start of the egg hunt!

A yearly children’s favourite: the big annual chocolate festival is back! Every Easter, the biggest Belgian chocolate brands compete with their creativity, and 2019 will be no exception!

Pierre Marcolini, the latest addition to the great Belgian chocolatiers, created a collection based on the heart, the emblematic theme of the House. Garnished with caramel or vanilla ganache, or pistachio or hazelnut praline, the Œufs Jolis Cœur or ‘Pretty Heart Eggs’ are decidedly irresistible, with their little coloured hearts. Also available are boxes with 12 or 30 small classic eggs, beautifully presented in a color gradient from dark chocolate to white.

At Neuhaus, we discover beautiful Spring colours in their floral collection. This limited edition presents a delightful colorful palette of chocolate eggs with scents of jasmine, violet, rose, lavender, and orange blossom. Both a visual and tasty delight!

The Belgian Chocolate House- Easter - Neuhaus
Image: Neuhaus

Godiva has something for all ages and all budgets, with the famous Easter bunnies: one in milk chocolate with small eggs, and the other in real plush. This limited edition will make the little ones happy, with its bag containing small colored chocolate eggs. And, if you want to make an impression, Godiva has created a beautiful milk chocolate egg with small eggs inside. To protect it, it is housed in a strong transparent box.

Corné Port-Royal puts the Easter bunny in the spotlight, with a pretty yellow rabbit-shaped box that contains an assortment of small multicolored chocolate eggs. This year, they offer three new flavours: small milk chocolate eggs garnished with Guérande salt caramel, Brazilian praline, and a blueberry ganache coated with dark chocolate. These novelties can be found in their Easter suitcase with small eggs, a playful packaging with handles in the shape of rabbit ears.

Image: Corné Port-Royal

Last but not least: Leonidas, the Belgian chocolate brand known around the world. Leonidas offers us a large egg-shaped canister that opens like a Russian doll. Inside it, you’ll find an assortment of 40 small eggs in dark, milk and white chocolate. A treat for the whole family, for all ages!

Image: Leonidas
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The Belgian Chocolate House-Godiva Carnival

Godiva Carnival chocolates at The Belgian Chocolate House

In March, the Godiva House honors the carnivals festivities around the world, with colorful and surprising chocolates. For this limited edition, the master chocolatier Jean Apostolou has created pure delicacies that will delight the most discerning palates. This new collection features 5 pralines in a box decorated with exotic and joyful colors. As for the chocolates, they are themselves decorated with elegant drawings with acid colors that evoke party and dance.

Dance, Excitement, Fun, Passion, Surprise … these are the names of these pralines that will pleasantly surprise you. On the menu: dark chocolate and salted butter caramel or white chocolate mousse with crisp mint chips. For the milk chocolate pralines, you can discover white chocolate flavored with mango with a touch of pepper in one, and a delicious sensation of candy in the other. And for lovers of white chocolate, Surprise reveals a heart of Gianduja where hints of crispy hazelnuts are hidden.

All these delights are available in boxes of 18 chocolate,s exclusively at the Brussels and Charleroi airports, and in boxes of 12 at the Midi station and in Luxembourg.

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The Belgian Chocolate House- Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with The Belgian Chocolate House!

The happiest holiday of the year is coming up! Time to spoil your loved ones (or yourself!) this Valentine’s Day with some exquisite Belgian chocolate…

The Belgian Chocolate House has a special selection of gift ideas that will make hearts melt!

Godiva offers a Heart box with a selection of 12 pralines. The line-up includes Godiva’s Cup Cake Collection: five delicious chocolates, made of delicate cups filled with intense flavours such as fresh strawberry and speculoos mousse. Every bite brings you a moment of indulgence.

Neuhaus surprises with a Love Letter box: like a sealed love letter, filled with delicious chocolate. A sweet way to show your deepest and warmest feelings!  This special box contains chocolate from all the corners of the world: 3 new heart-shaped chocolates created by the Maître Chocolatiers of Neuhaus. They contain ingredients from different parts of the world: vanilla from Madagascar, Panela sugar from Colombia and green tea from China.

More Neuhaus romance can be found in the Sharing Box: a unique concept with two chocolates of each flavor, so you can share them with someone special. A special unboxing experience!

Last but not least, Corné Port-Royal spoils (chocolate) lovers this Valentine’s Day with their heart-shaped, leatherlook box. There’s nothing better than a heart to express your love – especially if it is filled with 30 of Corné Port-Royal’ best pralines! We’re sure this elegant heart in red leatherlook will not stay full for long.

Stop by The Belgian Chocolate House for the tastiest Valentine’s Day gifts and enjoy the finest Belgian chocolates with your loved ones!

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The Salon du Chocolat is coming to Brussels again!

From 22 to 24 February 2019, the Salon du Chocolat promises a delicious and festive programme in Brussels!

The Salon du Chocolat has already been organized in 16 countries and of as ‘Chocolate Capital of the World’, Belgium is one of the regular locations since 2014! Chocolatiers, chefs, pastry chefs and young talents await you at Tour & Taxis for a celebration of Belgian chocolate in all its forms. More than 130 participants will be gathering together on 8,000 sqm entirely dedicated to chocolate and cocoa.

There’s loads to do and something for everyone. For example, the greatest Belgian chefs, pastry chefs, master chocolatiers and young talents follow one another in the Pastry Show demonstration area to present their best chocolate recipes. Take a seat and learn tips, techniques and how to create your own chocolate delights from the masters! Also, don’t miss the famous Chocolate Fashion Show with couture outfits made out of chocolate by Belgian and international fashion designers and chocolatiers.  With different workshops, a chocolate bookstore, and even a kids’ programme, you’re sure to have an exciting, chocolate-filled day for the whole family.

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