Jean Neuhaus, inventor of the praline

The story begins in 1857

Jean Neuhaus settles in  Brussels and opens a pharmacy in the prestigious Galerie de la Reine. Known for its energetic and nutritional qualities, chocolate is used by Jean Neuhaus, who uses it to coat his medicines and hide the bitter taste.  Alongside medicinal sweets, his son Frédéric and him offer a range of sweets including vanilla filled chocolates. His confectionery encounter a growing success and in 1895, they create the Confiserie et Chocolaterie Neuhaus-Perrin.

1912: a huge milestone

In 1912, after taking over his father’s confectionery, Jean Neuhaus Jr. creates the praline: a sweet bite thinly coated in dark chocolate. In 1915, his wife Louise Agostini creates the ballotin, which will soon become the emblematic package for the national Belgian treasure. It is a success from the very beginning and the shop of The Galerie de la Reine is frequented by the King Leopold II, the Prince of Wales


One century later, the expertise of Neuhaus confectioners can be tasted in the dozens of different chocolates, some of which have delighted several generations of chocolate lovers and mark some important milestones of Belgium’s history. The Bonbon 13, Astrid (named after Queen Astrid) and sugar, vanilla and coffee Manons still grace the assortment with a recipe that hasn’t changed…. since 1937. Made to celebrate the 1958 Wold Fair, the house bestsellers Caprice and Tentations ally the crunchy layer of chocolate with the crispiness of nougatine and fondant of the fresh cream and ganache. The Albert praline was launched to celebrate the marriage of Prince Albert to Paola and remains a success to this day.
These original creations perpetuate the tradition and constantly refresh the mastery of the artisan product, which falls into the scope of modernity whilst echoing the creed of the praline: a chocolate bite to be enjoyed according to the mood of the moment.

Since 2000, Neuhaus enjoys a new title: the chocolatier is a Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium.


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