Neuhaus ~ Taste of belgium

Belgium is considered one of the world’s best places to live or visit for chocolate lovers. It owes this reputation in part to Neuhaus, which was established in 1857 in Brussels by Jean Neuhaus. Originally a chemist, Neuhaus turned to confectionery, deciding to specialise in chocolate over time. In 1912, he developed the very first “praline”, a chocolate filled with fresh cream. These chocolates, which soon proved a hit with customers, were packed in a “ballotin”, or gift box, designed by Louise Agostini, the wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr. But the family’s history also has a strong link with Belgium’s history, as King Leopold II and other crowned heads soon found their way to the shop in Galérie de la Reine.

Neuhaus recently launched Taste of Belgium, a unique tasting experience that will take you on a journey through Belgium and its history. The chocolate maker has combined 11 iconic chocolates that highlight its expertise in a special gift box. All the chocolates are named after members of the Belgian royal family or other famous Belgians, such as the leading Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta.
A unique opportunity for chocolate lovers to revisit the classics.

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