Neuhaus’ irresistible Macaroons

Did you know that the word Macaroon draws its origins from the Italian Maccherone, which means dough? Yet, today’s favourite nibble only bears little relation to the amareti, little meringue almond biscuits created by Italian monks… When, on the eve of the twentieth century, Pierre Desfontaines Ladurée concocted a small cake made of two meringue biscuits filled with a layer of ganache, the Macaroon was born and would soon have a following of aficionados.

Using the original recipe, Neuhaus has created a collection of twelve artisan macaroons made with the finest natural, high-quality ingredients and presented at The Belgian Chocolate House in boxes of 6 or 12 macaroons. Choose amongst the wide range of delicious flavours and make up your very own macaroon package. Will you choose the classic praliné or coffee? Or will you succumb to the subtle and fruity tangs of raspberries, violet, pistachios or lemon? Chocoholics will have an easier task and simply MUST try the Original chocolate, a Tanzanian cocoa beans intense, bitter ganache.

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