Neuhaus innovates with a wine paring collection

Few things in life are better than wine and chocolate. Together, these delicacies make for the ultimate culinary delight. A match made in heaven!

Craftsmanship at its best

In cooperation with celebrated wine connoisseur Sepideh Sedaghatnia and wine experts from Gault&Millau, Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers created six pralines that go perfectly with a selection of red and white wines. They selected a range of surprising ingredients that complement the typical wine aromas and elevate your tasting experience. 

The wine pairing collection consists of three pralines that enhance the typical fruity, floral and spicy aromas of semi-dry and dry white wines.

  • Your taste buds will be spoiled with a glass of floral white wine and a praline made from crispy hazelnut praline paste, acacia honey, cardamom and milk chocolate.
  • According to connoisseurs, dry white wine goes best with a praline made from Dulcey chocolate, a mix of pits and paprika powder.
  • A firm white wine goes well with a praline made from almond praline paste, olive oil and salt.

 The other three pralines pair perfectly with the typical tannins and the taste of most red wines.

  • A fruity red wine should be paired with a praline made from Colombian chocolate, saffron, blackberry, rosemary, honey and white chocolate.
  • Treat yourself with a full-bodied red wine and a praline with a filling of Earl Grey, mango puree and acacia honey.
  • A rather smoky red wine goes wonderfully well with a praline made from Costa Rican pure chocolate, cherries, white chocolate and cassis cocoa butter.

There’s tasting and there’s savoring

The delicacies come into their own by tasting a piece of chocolate, followed by a sip of wine and another piece of chocolate. Take your time and try to really indulge in the explosion of flavors.

The luxurious Wine Pairing Collection gift box contains a detailed leaflet with wine recommendations and more information about the ideal tasting process. The pralines are the perfect gift for all chocolate enthusiasts and wine lovers, and a great way to enjoy a cozy winter evening.

The wine pairing collection is available in all our The Belgian Chocolate House stores. Will you be organizing a tasting get-together?

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