Neuhaus Smurfs-The Belgian Chocolate House

Neuhaus continues its tradition of celebrating Belgian icons with the Smurf box

Attention, chocolate lovers young and old! Discover Neuhaus’ tin Smurf case, twenty-four crunchy, Smurf shaped pralines filled with crackling milk chocolate, popping candy and cookie pieces, coated in a layer of artisanal Belgian milk chocolate. Delicious!

The Smurf box is a true collector’s item and the perfect gift for Belgian chocolate enthusiasts. The collection underlines the heritage of the Belgian chocolatier and adds significant value to its gifting offer that already consists of 85% of the product range.

From the 15th of September until the end of October, a Smurf statue of the iconic leader of the Smurfs, made by Neuhaus’ chocolatiers, will be displayed at Brussels Airport in Terminal A and Terminal B. The statues will definitely be worth checking out during your next visit.

A fair warning: the Smurf statues aren’t meant to be eaten! Gargamel & co. will have to satisfy their hunger with the Smurf box.

The Smurf box is also available at The Belgian Chocolate House Antwerp, Brussels-Sud and Luxembourg. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at The Belgian Chocolate House!

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