Maison Dandoy

Maison Dandoy: Delicious Belgian pride

The family story of Maison Dandoy

It was back in 1829 that great-great-great grandfather Jean-Baptiste opened the first Dandoy bakery in the heart of Brussels. One hundred and ninety years later, the Dandoy dynasty is an established favourite and still prospering. Jean-Baptiste taught the baking trade to his son, who passed it on to his daughter and her husband, and this precious craft has been passed on down through the generations ever since.

The importance of using fresh, natural ingredients

As a result of the strict rationing of flour stocks during the Second World War, Maison Dandoy was only able to make crunchy sweet rusks. These were turbulent times and it wasn’t always easy to keep going – and even after the war was over, it took another three years before Maison Dandoy was once again making all of the house specialities for which it was famous. Because only then were there ingredients available of a sufficiently good quality for the exacting standards of Maison Dandoy.  

Over the year, various new branches of the store have been opened, but Maison Dandoy has always adhered to the principles that made it great: family, quality, tradition and craftsmanship. A few years ago, the Maison Dandoy underwent a total rebranding process and the seventh generation of the family joined the business. They were full of the biggest plans, but always prepared to continue using the traditional recipes.

From timeless artisan-made speculoos…

Maison Dandoy’s delicious recipe for speculoos, which is still used today, comes directly from Jean-Baptiste. They are still made with genuine butter and brown sugar and baked in handmade wooden biscuit moulds. In addition to the classic speculoos with cinnamon and cloves, Maison Dandoy’s very moreish speculoos cookies are also produced with vanilla and handmade chocolate. Scrumptious as a quick snack, crumbled over pudding, dunked in a good cup of coffee… 

And a variety of exquisite handmade cookies…

Maison Dandoy’s handmade cookies are little taste bombs. From the classic crunchy giant cookies to crispy biscuits with flavours such as salted butter with caramel, and chocolate with orange and ginger. Then there are cat’s tongue biscuits, palm hearts, florentines and shortbread cookies with lime, pistachio or chocolate flavour. Something for everyone. The secret? Love and craftsmanship.

To delightful pains sucrés

Did you know that in the 16th century ‘Pain à la Grecque’ was the favourite food of the monks who lived close to the canal or ‘Grecht’? At some stage, lost in the mists of time, someone translated ‘Grecht’ incorrectly as ‘Grecque’ – and hence the exotic name used today. Maison Dandoy’s traditional Pain à la Grecque is a genuine speciality. Psst… They say that they’re even more delicious warmed up. The bakery also produces various sorts of gingerbread and brioches. Is your mouth beginning to water?

Sunday brunch, anyone?

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  1. jean de greef

    As kid born in brussels I have always known and enjoyed the ‘pain à la grecque’ and being now 73 years old I am still enjoying it because the taste has not changed since i was a kid.

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