Godiva’s summer delights

Who says that chocolate is a winter treat only? Thanks to Godiva, you can now enjoy chocolate every day of the year. On hot summer days, the Belgian chocolate maker’s irresistible creations prove that chocolate can also be refreshing.
Chocolate lovers will adore Godiva’s “Strawberry Dippings”, or sweet, large, luscious strawberries dipped in delicious Godiva chocolate. And how can you say no to “Chocolixir”, a refreshing iced chocolate drink? Choose between dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate with a hint of mint. This summer version of hot chocolate is served with whipped cream and a chocolate or raspberry drizzle. Can you think of a more perfect drink for real chocolate addicts? Finally, Godiva also has thought of ice cream… Chocolate ice cream, of course. Its Soft Serve is available in two flavours, dark or white chocolate, on a delicious crunchy cone. The rim can be dipped in dark chocolate with clusters for an even tastier experience.

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