Godiva Belgium Box

From Belgium with love

Bruges, Gent, Antwerp, Brussels, Dinant… names that all evoke the beauty of Belgium and the country’s best gastronomic offering: chocolate. Celebrated Brussels chocolatier Godiva illustrates the very best of Belgian chocolate making since 1926. Specialising in truffles, the family brand has contributed to spread the reputation of Belgian master chocolatiers throughout the world.

Thus, Godiva decided to regroup the very best of Belgian chocolate inside a gift box. Open it and discover an assortment of 18 dark and milk chocolate pralines filled with ganache or praliné. You can now fit the whole of Belgium in your luggage!

Go to the Godiva booth and purchase a “Belgian Souvenir” box in Terminal A’s walkthrough. As you wander around the décor of a typical Belgian town, take a picturesque selfie before filling your golden bag with treasures.

Enjoy our exceptional September promotion: buy two boxes of Godiva chocolates and receive the third for free (the cheapest of all three). This offer is only valid on the following boxes: Souvenir Bruges, Brussels and The Belgian Box.

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