Neuhaus Natan

When Elegance met Greediness

Those lucky enough to visit the latest edition of the Chocolate trade fair in Brussels were given the unprecedented opportunity to discover the result of a collaboration between renowned-designer Edouard Vermeulen, creator of Belgian brand Natan and legendary chocolatier Neuhaus: a superb black tulle evening dress scattered with delicious chocolate petals. So if you missed this event, dry your tears and hurry up, you can still admire this veritable work of art on show until mid November.

This artistic collaboration between two legends does not end here. Natan and Neuhaus joined forces to create a gift box filled with 17 magnificent pralines, appropriately known as the Irresistibles. Slowly untie the luxurious black satin bow and open the black and white box to reveal triangular, highly-couture pralines that look as good as they taste. Caprice, Tentation, Désir, Plaisir, Séduction…

Can you honestly resist these names evoking pleasure, delight and greediness? And here’s a bit of insider information: Edouard Vermeulen’s favourite chocolate is none other than the gorgeous Caprice, a crunchy nougatine garnished with unctuous fresh cream and coated in dark, luscious chocolate. Which will you bite into?

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