Easter delicacies available at The Belgian Chocolate House

At The Belgian Chocolate House, we’re all counting down to Easter: our favourite holiday, as it’s all about… chocolate! We’re all dreaming about the delicious chocolate treats this holiday will bring us… Of course our partners have created special Easter editions for all of the chocolate-lovers out there, who want to celebrate with the tastiest chocolate available!

Corné Port-Royal surprises us with an adorable bunny-shaped box, filled with an assortment of 41 small Easter eggs to savour. 450 grams of chocolate goodness to share with your friends & family – or to keep all to yourself!

Leonidas created an unmistakable yellow Easter egg-shaped tin box with a delicious selection of small Easter eggs in milk, dark and white chocolate – all filled with ganaches, pralinés and caramels for tasty moments of joy.

Neuhaus brings out a true collector’s item this Easter: a metal Easter egg, harbouring about 18 little Easter eggs in dark, milk and white chocolate with the delicious Neuhaus taste. Wonderful treats for young and old!

And last but certainly not least: Godiva delights us with the Egg Pop Box, a pre-packed egg-shaped box packed with an assortment of individually wrapped chocolate pops in no less than 8 flavours: Noir Pâte de CHocolat, Lait Mousse Speculoos, Noir Praliné Brésilienne, Noir Framboise, Noir Vanille, Blanc Praliné Biscutine, Lait Praliné and Lait Fraise. Choosing your favourite flavour will be difficult with a delicious selection such as this one!

Discover these four novelties and many more chocolate surprises at our The Belgian Chocolate House boutiques!


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