xmas neuhaus

Christmas with Neuhaus

Neuhaus, creator of Belgium’s favourite export the praline, launches 2 special edition of superb chocolate boxes to celebrate the Christmas season.

As its name indicates, the “Noble Nuts” collection pays tribute to the wonders of winter: hazelnuts and walnuts. The lovely round box circled with an elegant ribbon hides 24 bite-sized milk and dark chocolate pralines. Each morsel is delicately decorated with a kernel of walnut, a hazelnut, an almond or still, a pecan. Every dried fruit was carefully selected and brings its unique characteristic to each, irresistible praline. Chocoholics beware! “Noble Nuts” will only be available this winter.

The festive box contains 62 pralines exemplifying Neuhaus’ festive assortment for a truly regal Christmas. The clever box unwraps spectacularly as the two sides of the top of the box slide open for our greatest pleasure. When opened, greedy chocolate lovers will discover the best creations of the house: 39 different pralines in a wide array of different tastes, flavour, colours and sizes. Dark, white and milk chocolates, filled with hazelnut praliné, almonds or still, speculoosGianduja, raspberry or salted caramel ganaches… Each of the 39 delicious pralines is bound to please the most difficult and picky chocolate aficionado!

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