Celebrate Christmas with Godiva

What would Christmas be without chocolates? Godiva, one of the herald-bearers of the Belgian art of chocolate, offers a special assortment of Christmas chocolates especially created for the occasion.

First of all comes the red and gold gift box, which conceals no less than 20 chocolates. This collection will bring many smiles on chocolaty sticky lips. It includes a selection of black, white and milk chocolates, including the “milk heart” an unctuous hazelnut praliné. The renowned raspberry “Moelleux caramel framboise” also hides in the box under a thin coat of dark chocolate. Another great classic of the brand especially designed for the international release of “Gone with the Wind” also hides in there somewhere, ready to be eaten today, or as Scarlett would say: “tomorrow is another day”!

Truffle lovers will simply adore the Christmas box. In a journey of six chocolates, discover great classics in different versions: honey and almonds, salted caramel, milk foam, almond praliné, honey and vanilla mousse and naturally, the famous speculoos. But hurry, as this special edition will only be available during the Christmas season!

Last but not least, a small red and gold square box embraces Godiva’s art of chocolate in 4 morsels of joy: a praliné “white heart”, “tourbillon noir 85” with its intense flavours, a milk chocolate and hazelnut praliné, “Lune Praline” and finally, the Volupté lait”, a luscious milk chocolate ganache.

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