The Belgian Chocolate House-Neuhaus

Neuhaus’ new Coffee & Pralines Pairing Box

Food pairing is based on the principle that flavours enhance or complement each other if they have common components. Chocolate and coffee are a perfect example of a match that is made in heaven. With the Coffee & Pralines Collection, Neuhaus offers a combination of both pralines and coffee for the perfect break. They selected beans from Colombia and Brazil, two world leaders in the cocoa sector and coffee production. Both the cocoa and coffee beans come from the same region to guarantee a pure and authentic flavour.

Coffee ritual 2.0

The three pralines are eaten one after the other in a specific order from delicate to intense together with a drink of coffee from the same region. To bring out the full depth of the flavours, start with a sip of coffee to pick up the flavour. Then let the first praline slowly melt on the tongue and enjoy the pleasure as the coating melts away followed by the revelation of the filling. Finish the ritual with a sip of coffee so that the flavours blend together in the mouth. Repeat the ritual for the second and third praline. Enjoy!

The Coffee & Pralines Collection is available in two versions. The Experience Box contains 36 pralines and two 100-g packets of Brazil and Colombia single origin coffees – enough for 12 delicious coffee and praline rituals. The Origin Box contains 24 pralines which are just right for eight relaxing coffee and praline rituals.

Both boxes are simple and elegant with a luxury finish. They contain a leaflet that provides full details about the production process and the ideal coffee ritual. The collection is available from October 2018 at The Belgian Chocolate House – perfect to enjoy on those colder, windy first days of fall or even better: a luxury gift for chocolate and coffee lovers to offer under the Christmas tree!

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Neuhaus Natan

When Elegance met Greediness

Those lucky enough to visit the latest edition of the Chocolate trade fair in Brussels were given the unprecedented opportunity to discover the result of a collaboration between renowned-designer Edouard Vermeulen, creator of Belgian brand Natan and legendary chocolatier Neuhaus: a superb black tulle evening dress scattered with delicious chocolate petals. So if you missed this event, dry your tears and hurry up, you can still admire this veritable work of art on show until mid November.

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Neuhaus ~ Taste of belgium

Belgium is considered one of the world’s best places to live or visit for chocolate lovers. It owes this reputation in part to Neuhaus, which was established in 1857 in Brussels by Jean Neuhaus. Originally a chemist, Neuhaus turned to confectionery, deciding to specialise in chocolate over time. In 1912, he developed the very first “praline”, a chocolate filled with fresh cream. These chocolates, which soon proved a hit with customers, were packed in a “ballotin”, or gift box, designed by Louise Agostini, the wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr. But the family’s history also has a strong link with Belgium’s history, as King Leopold II and other crowned heads soon found their way to the shop in Galérie de la Reine.

Neuhaus recently launched Taste of Belgium, a unique tasting experience that will take you on a journey through Belgium and its history. The chocolate maker has combined 11 iconic chocolates that highlight its expertise in a special gift box. All the chocolates are named after members of the Belgian royal family or other famous Belgians, such as the leading Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta.
A unique opportunity for chocolate lovers to revisit the classics.

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