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All I want for Christmas is… Godiva!

Godiva is preparing for the most delicious season of the year, because what is Christmas without chocolate? If you are still looking for a delicious gift for your loved ones, be sure to explore the holiday gift options Godiva offers this season. They’re too good to pass up!

Holiday Truffle Gift Box

Godiva’s gorgeous green 12-piece Holiday Truffles Gift Box surprises the receiver with a beautiful box, illustrated with doves and holiday ornaments by English artist Emily Carew Woodward. Even after the chocolates are long gone, the box is quite the keepsake! Inside, you’ll find a delicious selection of flavors like Salted Caramel, Cranberry, Roasted Almond, and other chocolate truffle varieties.

Assorted Chocolate Seasonal Gift Boxes Set

If you want to surprise your favourite chocaholic with an unforgettable present, then this Christmas gift set is the ideal gift: two exceptional boxes of chocolates, for an unforgettable end of the year.

Firstly, the 32-piece Seasonal Gift Box (also designed by English artist Emily Carew Woodward). Inside, you’ll find Belgian chocolate classics as well as gourmet chocolates from Godiva’s newest collection. Choose from flavours such as Milk Chocolate Almond Cookie, Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie, Dark Chocolate Ganache, and Dark Chocolate Pear Vanilla, to name just a few. Secondly, the 16-piece Seasonal Gift Box features the same beautiful red box and colorful design, and it, too, is filled with a combination of Belgian classics plus new chocolates inspired by Christmas desserts.

Both the Gift Box and the Gift Boxes Set are available at The Belgian Chocolate House stores. But, don’t wait too long: we’re sure this much deliciousness will be sold out in no time! So be sure to pick up your ideal chocolate gift the next time you pass by our stores. Happy holidays!

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Embark on a journey with Godiva’s Wonderful City Dreams!

A little moment of time for yourself, a careless daydream about an envigorating city trip… Skyscrapers, little cafés, unchartered territory to discover… cities are the place where all your dreams can come true.

Whether it’s London, New York, Tokyo, Brussels, or Shanghai: Godiva has created the perfect little “chocolate getaway” for you: chocolates inspired by the heart of the vibrant cities. Whether it is a scent, a flavor or a sound, Godiva’s expert chef chocolatiers have created unique chocolate pieces that take you on a culinary chocolate journey through these wonderful destinations.

For this unique Wonderful City Dreams box, Godiva has collaborated with Pénélope Bagieu, a French comic designer and illustrator. She transformed the cosmopolitan elements of the different cities into a design that represents both the brand and the journey. Created to inspire you though an interpretation of artists’ creativity, craftsmanship and bustling cosmopolitanism of the world’s most exhilarating cities.

Godiva invites you to join them on this chocolate journey with the 18 piece Wonderful City Dreams box, available now at The Belgian Chocolate House boutiques.

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A delicious chocolate journey through Godiva’s Gold Discovery Collection

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Embark on a savory journey through a wealth of chocolate discovery with the new Gold Discovery Collection. This scintillating assortment showcases the best of Godiva’s expertise in 28 chocolate masterpieces that will only leave you wanting more. Their artistry and craftsmanship have a heritage since 1926, producing only the finest Belgian chocolates. The new Gold Discovery is a selection especially catered for their customers that are looking for a special gift or a luxurious treat for themselves! From the exquisitely crafted chocolates to the luxurious package design, the Gold Discovery is a selection you don’t want to miss.

Get yours at one of our IDF shops that carry this exclusive collection:
• Luxemburg
• Charleroi – main shop
• Terminal A – chocolate house
• Terminal A – express shop
• Terminal A – gourmet-epicure
• Last minute store
• Terminal A – walkthrough
• Terminal B – walkthrough
• Terminal B – welcome store
• Terminal B – kiosk

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Nothing says ‘I love you’ like Godiva chocolates!

Expressing your love for that special someone can be done in a million ways… but no way is as universally understood as bringing home a selection of delicious chocolates!

All of our stores have a special treat in stock for the upcoming Valentine’s Day: a limited edition of the Godiva Coeur Iconique. This beautifully created heart-shaped box features a marbled design in vibrant colours – even after you’ve tasted the delicious chocolates, the limited edition box will be a beautiful keepsake.

Chocolate lovers will be delighted with this thoughtful little gift box that houses a selection of their 3 bestselling chocolate hearts: Coeur Lait (with their signature hazelnut praline), Coeur Blanc (with grounded caramelized hazelnuts in a creamy center) and Coeur Noir (with an intense, 70% dark chocolate ganache from Papua New Guinea).

The Godiva Limited Edition Coeur Iconique is the ideal present to give this Valentine’s Day… or to savour yourself!

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Godiva Murder-on-the-orient-express

Godiva – Murder on the orient express

World famous chocolatier Godiva joined forces with legendary Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox on the occasion of the release of Kenneth Branagh’s long-awaited new version of classic flick Murder on the Orient Express.On this occasion, Godiva’s master chocolatiers have created an assortment of original pralines paying tribute to the unique, quirky and terribly amusing Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

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