Café gourmand

Can you think of a better time to enjoy a sweet treat than with your coffee? There’s nothing like a bit of chocolate to balance the bitterness of your coffee. It’s also a sweet way to end your meal. But remember, don’t just settle for any chocolate! The Belgian brand Café-Tasse, which was established in 1989, is one of the leading suppliers of chocolate squares. It uses only the best cocoa beans for its “Neapolitans” or thin chocolate squares, which are individually wrapped in eco-friendly Kraft paper. An easy way to recognise the Café-Tasse squares too.

Café-Tasse likes to innovate and regularly launches novel products for Belgian chocolate lovers. The latest addition to the range, namely dried fruit coated in chocolate, is just as refined as its chocolate and comes in a small beige paper bag, like all the brand’s other products. If you want something different than the usual orangettes or orange peel, why not indulge in some lemon peel coated in dark chocolate? The crunchy almonds coated in milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder are just as tasty and simply irresistible.

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