The Belgian Chocolate House nominated for the 2017 Mercurius Award

Soon COMEOS, the Belgian Federation for Commerce and Services, will present its annual Mercurius Awards again. The Belgian Chocolate House is proud to be one of the eleven nominees. The Mercurius Award is a prestigious prize, which is exclusively awarded to the most successful retail concept of the year.

An independent jury of seven retail experts picked the nominees for this prize and visited the various shops anonymously in the past few months, focussing specifically on innovation and experience. Can the shop surprise customers? Does it create added value? Does the shop warrant an (online) visit?

Like the other nominees – Atelier Veritas, Media Markt Wilrijk, Brantano and Delhaize Online -, The Belgian Chocolate House and its well-thought-out store design, large variety of products and strong niche concept, is a worthy opponent and stands a good chance of winning!

So keep your fingers crossed – as will we – that our store concept will be designated the winner of the 2017 Mercurius Award. The jury will announce the winner during the award ceremony on 25 October.
You can find further information at Mercury Award .

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